With the collapse of advertising banner revenue, bloggers need to find other sources of revenue. Among them, sponsored articles have emerged as an effective solution. Let’s see how!

Orders for sponsored articles on the increase

In the US, sponsored articles are on the rise. Admittedly, there are no official figures on the trends concerning the number of orders. But a well known approach by economists is to observe the evolution of supply to deduce the trend on the demand side. In fact, 51% of local news sites reported offering sponsored content space in 2017, compared to only 20% in 2015 (source: CMO.com). Such growth can only be the result of an explosion in demand.

The same source reveals that 25% of internet users pay more attention to sponsored articles than to advertising banners. To top it off, native advertising generates an 18% higher conversion rate (purchases) than advertising displays.

Rates generally on the rise

Brands initially tended to doubt the validity of sponsored articles, some seeing them as disguised but paid for PR. But PR has been less and less effective in recent years, and most importantly, sponsored articles have proved their worth. Written by the author of the blog or news site on which it is published, a sponsored article is authentic, fits seamlessly into the editorial flow, and is most often useful to the user. The result is a maximum engagement rate and high-quality traffic, not to mention the valuable backlink for SEO!

Prices for sponsored articles have been on the rise for a win-win partnership between advertiser and blogger (Photo credit: rawpixel.com, Pexels)

As a consequence, brands have unlocked the corresponding budgets, and bloggers have also learned to better assess the value of content creation and visibility. Above all, advertisers are increasingly using networking platforms, which have established fairer price schedules, guaranteeing a win-win partnership between bloggers and advertisers.

That doesn’t mean that sponsored articles are now too expensive. There is a broad offer, ranging from small ultra-specialized blogs to major national media, for a range of prices from one hundred to several thousand euros. Each brand can choose a partner site according to their needs, their strategy, their target, and… their budget!

Articles that fit more and more with the editorial line

Bloggers are becoming more and more experienced with the issues concerning sponsored articles. They’ve also learned a lot from feedback from their audience. Thus, some initially tended to offer formatted or corporate content. But they soon realized that sponsored articles were better received by keeping their usual editorial line.

That is also a winning aspect for the brand: the more the sponsored article looks like regular content, the more authentic and better received by the users, generating more traffic.

To further reinforce the perceived authenticity of these collaborations, advertisers are increasingly encouraged to build long-term partnerships with handpicked bloggers. They can then become de facto ambassadors for the brand.

Influencer or Brand Ambassador: How to choose

A simplified and fastest access to brands

Negotiating case by case with a blogger can be time consuming, and pricing obscure. In the same way, it is necessary to establish a contract, on which the two parties will have to agree. Finally, it can be difficult for the advertiser to find the right partner and to have guarantees on their real traffic.

For the ordering of a sponsored article, a networking platform is the ideal solution: the referenced bloggers have a certified influence and are well used to carrying out the task. Click To Tweet

To overcome all these obstacles, a networking platform is an ideal solution: the medias which are referenced have a certified influence and are well used to carrying out the task. In this regard, getfluence ensures equitable billing, a legal framework, and compliance with the publication schedule. A simpler, fairer and faster solution, which doesn’t prove more expensive.

In 2020, sponsored articles are more relevant than ever. If you are an advertiser, take the plunge and see how effective it is. If you are a blogger, a demand exists so don’t miss out on this growing revenue stream.