It’s a profession that didn’t exist 10 years ago: a professional blogger! Whether it’s a secondary activity or a full-time job, many bloggers make their living through their passion. It’s a very tempting way of life, but each niche has its own techniques. We’ll give you some tips for earning a living in 4 key areas of blogging: travel, fashion, cosmetics and cooking.

Making a living with a travel blog

We start with the lifestyle that people probably envy the most: that of a travel blogger. To be invited to the most beautiful hotels, discover new horizons, and get paid for it? Plenty of people would sign up immediately for such a job! Yet, you just need to question the influencers of the sector to understand that it’s not so simple.

Firstly, before attaining an audience justifying the interest of the travel industry, you need to make a name for yourself. Starting from scratch, you’ll need several months of activity before building a fan base of some thousands of visitors, and that’s provided you publish content regularly.

You’ll have to live your passion first without being paid! This is a luxury that isn’t accessible to all. French blogger Vizeo explained in a post on his travel blog that he shared his tourism experiences for three years without earning anything in return, if not the recognition of a growing audience. It was only after these years of hard work that he finally got paid.

Travel bloggers also insist on the huge workload. Articles to write, videos to edit, a blog to promote, partnerships to conclude, social networks to manage: that means a 7-day week of about fifty hours on average… And you were talking about holidays?

(Photo credit: Porapak Apichodilok, Pexels)

To make matters worse, the market is literally overcrowded. Unless you differentiate yourself with a lot of creativity, it’ll be difficult for you to find a place. In June 2018, a luxury hotel based in the Maldives hit the headlines due to it being harassed by requests from influencers for a free stay in exchange for visibility. The establishment said it receives 6 requests per day on average, and ignores them all. Times have changed !

Making money with a fashion blog

This time we turn to the girls – perhaps not only – with the business of fashion blogger. Fashion is probably the most effective area for influencer marketing! Brands can display ROIs of around 1000% on their campaigns with fashion influencers. The potential market is huge, and shows no sign of slowing down, so there’s still room, as long as you choose a niche. “Fashion” is a broad theme. A blog about sneakers, handbags, or jewelry is more specific.

Welcome to the realm of product placement! Running a fashion blog also means knowing how to showcase your outfits with quality visual content (photo or video). If you know how to show clothes in their best light, you’ll interest brands for sure (provided that, as ever, your audience is present, which is a systematic prerequisite).

Being a fashion blogger is not just about getting free designer clothes and being invited to special events. It involves a lot of work in front of a computer. (Photo credit: Loe Moshkovska, Pexels)

You can also sign up to an advertiser-influencer networking platform to appear on their radar and perhaps receive orders for sponsored items. A good way to earn hard cash, and not just get clothes for free!

The ultimate, and most rewarding, step is a real partnership with a brand, where you’ll be part of the creation of the marketing campaign, or even the product itself, for example for a limited edition. You can expect to be paid several thousand euros for that kind of collaboration.

The possibilities are legion and it can pay big, but beware of the roller coaster effect 🎢: if some months can be lucrative, a month without any real opportunity could mean no remuneration. So be prepared!

Make money with a beauty blog

Above a certain audience, brands will shower you with their products. Beauty bloggers receive new cosmetics almost every day, so it’s impossible to test them all. That’s all very well, but it won’t pay your rent at the end of the month, unless your landlord loves mascara.

To hope to earn money, you need to be in the top 20 beauty bloggers (more than 10 000 unique visitors per day): at this level, the brands will provide you not only their latest cosmetics free, but they’ll also pay you to write your test. You’ll make money, at last!

The challenge for a beauty blogger is to put aesthetic tests on cosmetics, in pictures or video. (Photo credit: Moose photos, Pexels)

Attention however, it can be tempting to accept all proposals for small payments each time. Your priority must remain the respect of your audience. Imagine that your blog focuses on organic, skin-friendly products. You must be strong enough to refuse a partnership with a brand whose cosmetics might be an awful chemical mix. Otherwise, you risk disappointing your audience, the very one you’ve just spent several months conquering.

Make money with a food blog

What works for a traditional blog also works for cooking. So we won’t mention the usual banner ads (with Adsense) and the essential sponsored articles (with

The lucrative opportunity for a food blogger is publishing! More than in any other field, there are more bloggers who have converted to cookbook author! For example the French blogger Pascale Weeks has written no less than 6 since 2006. Quite a pace, and a nice source of recurring revenue, especially when you know that a book provides passive income for years. So the total comes to…

Popular cooking blogger Pascale Weeks is publishing her latest work this October. (photo credit: Pascale Weeks)

Pascale Weeks says she to earns 6% of her income from her book sales (it can be more if you also take care of the photos apparently), or 41 euro cents per unit. She doesn’t go into any more detail, but a quick calculation gives a remuneration of more than €6000 for 15 000 sales. Not bad, but not quite a fortune. Hence the interest of publishing several books…

Another opportunity is to be found with guest posts, which for online cooking means writing recipes for third-party sites like Goosto. The opportunity is rare, and requires a lot of work, because inventing a recipe is synonymous with time and product purchases (which aren’t reimbursed).

In conclusion, be aware that professional blogging is far from an easy solution where you are paid to travel or to cook. All successful bloggers have the same huge workload and sacrifices. In short, there are advantages and disadvantages, better to have them in mind before starting!