We have often told you about the benefits of using sponsored articles! But don’t just take our word for it;  numbers and facts don’t lie. Here is a selection of the most revealing statistics on native advertising …

1- About 30% of Internet users consider online advertising to be too distracting and claim that they will avoid a website with too many banners and that interfere with editorial content (source: journalistsresource.org).

2- On average, users spend almost 2 minutes 30 on a sponsored article, roughly the same duration as a purely editorial article (source: Nielsen).

3- A majority of internet users, 70% to be exact, prefer to learn more about a product via branded content rather than traditional advertising (source: Inc.com).

4- 60% of the revenues of a big media firm like The Atlantic are generated by sponsored articles.

Our brains are accustomed to ignoring advertising displays, whether online or in the real world. (Photo source: Cris Tagupa, Unsplash)

5- Internet users are 53% more likely to notice a native ad than a banner (source: Dedicated Media).

6- 32% of respondents say they could share native advertising with their friends or family members, compared to only 19% for traditional advertising (source: IPG Media Lab).

7- Native ads that include rich media (video, computer graphics, GIF, etc.) boost the conversion rate by about 60% (source: Adweek).

8- Sponsored content is considered by almost half of visitors to entertainment sites as improving their overall user experience on the sites in question (source: IAB / Edelman Berland).

Not only does branded content not deteriorate the user experience, but for half of them it improves it! (Photo source: Bruce Mars, Pexels)

9- Sponsored articles are considered the best way round ad blockers, which are suspected to generate a loss of about 19 billion euros per year for web publishers (source: PageFair / Adobe).

10- Purchasing intent is 53% higher with native advertising versus traditional display type advertising (source: Dedicated Media, 2015).

11- In 2018, native advertising should account for 60% of total online advertising. The main drivers of this growth are social advertising, mobile advertising and Amazon (source: eMarketer).

12- Finally, and not surprisingly, 3/4 of marketers believe that branded content is more effective than display advertising. Are you part of it (source: Neil Patel)?

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