Influencer Marketing doesn’t only happen on Instagram! Depending on the industry, it’s also possible to influence on Youtube, Reddit, Medium or even directly on a dedicated blog. You’re a blogger and would like to be approached by brands to test their products, be invited to their events or write sponsored articles? There’s no need to have 100,000 unique visitors per month! 10,000 unique visitors is a pretty good first step, especially if your blog covers a specific topic on which the competition is thin on the ground or demand very strong. Yet, despite your efforts, the traffic isn’t increasing fast enough… Here are some tips to boost your growth and therefore become an influencer in your segment.

Quality, quality, quality

This is the most common mistake: believing that publishing in quantity will open the traffic floodgates. At the time of a surplus of generalized content, it is actually not the quantity that is missing! On the contrary, it’s rich, informative, innovative articles that stand out. Clearly, it is better to publish a single text of excellent quality in five days than five daily articles that are short and of little interest! That’s the only way you will gain legitimacy and you can win a loyal audience that shows its trust. It can’t be said enough; ten short or reused articles will not bring you 10,000 visitors. Never. This traffic can however be generated thanks to a single flagship article. All influential bloggers will confirm this.


Give yourself the goal of producing something that is ten times better or more complete than the other items already available. Too ambitious? “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”! (Credit photo : SpaceX, Pexels)

Moreover, it is the articles with long and rich content that will pop up in the search engines and will be shared more often on social networks. Thus, according to a study by Quicksprout, a length of 2,416 words is the optimal size to maximize the number of shares. Get writing!

Find your Blue Ocean

To put it clearly, if excellent and ultra complete articles already exist on the subject that you want to deal with, and for which it’s difficult to do significantly better, then maybe it is worth finding another idea or at least another more specific or more original angle.


There is no point in offering yet more content on a subject that is already widely covered. On the contrary, find your Blue Ocean and become an opinion leader on the subject. (Credit photo : Lukas, Pexels)

This is the strategy of the blue ocean blog and it also works in Content Marketing: find unique topics and for which the offer is still non-existent or weak. It’s up to you to fill the void, and attract the corresponding traffic

Promote your content actively

You have written a feature article, that’s more complete or with a new angle; good! Now you have to make it visible to your potential audience. Don’t wait for the traffic to fall from the sky. Of course, quality content should be well referenced by Google. But it can take weeks! You cannot depend on this channel alone.


A short article would not be worth such an investment in promoting it. But rich content needs you to ensure it reaches its full potential (Credit photo : Jordan Whitfield, Unsplash)

Influential bloggers spend at least ten days(!) promoting what they have published. There are many ways to do this: send emails, participate in conversations on Twitter or in Linkedin groups, answer questions on Quora, or even make a Slideshare version of your article, which will redirect to the long version on your blog.

Get other influencers involved!

You want to become an influencer? Approach existing influencers! If you are writing an article on a particular subject, take the opportunity to interview experts in this area. They will be flattered by your approach and will potentially accept to help you. Don’t ask a load of questions; asking for a citation on a specific issue may be enough.

This approach ensures you enjoy new and innovative content for your article. Don’t forget to mention the influencers referenced in your article by redirecting to their blog. Then notify them once the content is published. It’s a safe bet that some of them will relay your content on their social accounts.


The influencers of a segment all know each other. If you want to be part of this elite, it is better to become known to them as quickly as possible. (Credit photo : Rawpixel, Pexels)

In addition, by involving experts or opinion leaders, you increase your own legitimacy with your audience. Your blog appears as a reference in this area, where the pros exchange their points of view!

You have at last reached a significant audience? If major brands do not come naturally to you, then it’s time to delve back into this other article we’ve already published: how to make your blog known to (major) brands?