Netlinking is the practice of using multiple links—the renowned backlinks—which redirect to your website. Beyond the direct traffic and the influence they generate, it’s a question of optimizing your visibility on the search engines. Indeed, Google will interpret this profusion of links as a sign of authority in your field. In terms of Netlinking, many old methods no longer cut the mustard, and can even be damaging. We’ll have a look at the strategies that are sure… and that work!

Press relations: powerful, but never guaranteed

One obvious way to gain visibility on the web is that the media talk about you! A press release remains the most effective medium in this area because journalists are used to it. Be careful not to overdo them, and make sure that the ad you are talking about is still worthy of interest. You can also offer an exclusive interview of your CEO to the media that you are looking to get the most coverage from.

In this case, the process is free (if you exclude the salary of your press officer!). However, even if you manage to have an article written, you do not control the inclusion of a link, let alone its anchor text. Journalists normally play by the rules; their goodwill will also depend on the relations you have with them.





Media coverage is a goldmine, including with Netlinking  (Credit photo : Negative Space, Pexels)

Linkbaiting: bet on the virality of your own content

The challenge of Content Marketing is to create content that is authentic enough, useful and engaging, to be relayed on social networks and through the media. A feature article, a well made video, informative and fun graphics… The options are many.

Linkbaiting is therefore a gamble, and like any bet, it has its share of risk. Indeed, you can not guarantee in advance that your content will catch on. Another risk; some sites can republish your content and mention the source but without necessarily including that precious link to redirect to your web page…

Guest blogging: clever but time-consuming

You can suggest posting an article yourself on the sites of specialized media or influential bloggers. Why would they accept? There are potentially leaders in your company whose expertise may be be of interest to them. However, it is necessary to identify the relevant media beforehand, negotiate with them, and then be responsible for creating the content in question. It is therefore a difficult strategy to scale.

If you can’t mention your brand or offer in the body of the article, get at least a link in the biography of the author of the article. This will generate fewer direct clicks, but it is the same effectiveness in the eyes of Google!




Propose to the experts in your company to write articles for specialised reviews. (Credit photo : Raw Pixel, Pexels)

Sponsored articles: effective on all fronts

It’s a trend that’s spreading: let the influential media write about your offer for a fee. Here are the advantages of such a solution:

  • The inclusion of a backlink is guaranteed

  • This link is published on an influential site, which increases its value in Google’s eyes and therefore boosts your own authority.

  • You transfer the effort of content creation to professional publications.

  • The content is created directly by the site’s writers, a guarantee of authenticity and compatibility with their editorial line.

  • You maintain control over your brand image.

  • You measure the return on investment more easily.

  • On a centralized platform, you can pitch several influential media and get broad coverage for maximum impact. In this domain, proposes more than 2000 partner sites; you are bound to find opinion leaders in your industry.


Don’t forget the internal links!

The value of links to your pages from your own domain also have an impact. Of course, it is lesser. But it’s a type of Netlinking that’s easy to implement, and free. For example, in a new article on your blog, feel free to redirect to an old article on the same theme, to one of your landing pages, or to your home page. In order to maximize the power of these links, optimize the anchor text of your link, using the corresponding keywords.



Link your content together and let your link juice circulate!  (Credit photo : John Carlisle, Unsplash)


Whatever happens, stay away from obscure strategies, such as link farms and other attempts to manipulate search engines. Choose quality over quantity. Otherwise, you risk lowering your page rank, or worse, being placed on a blacklist by Google, an exclusion which is damaging and difficult to reverse. All the more reason to entrust your content and Netlinking efforts to professionals…